Top 50 Budapest Restaurants

Sure it’s not easy to find the best restaurants in Budapest Hungary, not only because tastes and wallets differ, but because there are not many good restaurant guides that are customized for You (that’s an inherent semantic problem I guess).

Onyx Restaurant Budapest, Hungary - Michelin 1 star

Onyx Restaurant Budapest, Hungary – Michelin 1 star

The present list is a combination of several reputable and received guides offering the top dining places in Budapest Hungary.

First, the internationally recognized Michelin Restaurant guide on Budapest. Then there’s the Hungarian culinary blog, Chew, which has got a collection of the Top 33 restaurants, based on which there is a user-friendly quick restaurant guide on Budapest Blog, taking the nationality feature as the leading thread (within that: alphabetical order).

Costes Restaurant Budapest Hungary - Michelin 1 star

Costes Restaurant Budapest Hungary – Michelin 1 star

Third, the most well-known travel guide, TripAdvisor has a long list of Budapest restaurants and and equally long list of user comments, tourist tips for each.

If you click on the individual restaurants you will get a quick overview of each dining place: basic info (address, phone, opening hours, etc.), general atmosphere description, a characteristic photo and a map – contextualized in the major Budapest attractions (also pointing out what places of interest you may find worth checking out).

Top Budapest Restaurants by Cuisine


Comme Chez Soi Restaurant Budapest - Best voted on TripAdvisor

Comme Chez Soi Restaurant Budapest – Best voted on TripAdvisor

Asian (primarily Chinese)


  • Haxen Kiraly Restaurant (if you want to have some German atmosphere, with traditional German sausages, saurkraut, etc. Haxen is a good place)



  • Taverna Dionysos Restaurant (by far one of the most popular restaurants in Budapest with an authentic Greek Mediterranean atmosphere)



  • Govinda Restaurant (a popular Indian restaurant with very reasonable prices – vegetarian Budapest tourists love the place)
  • Salaam Bombay Restaurant


Gundel Restaurant, Budapest Hungary

Gundel Restaurant – Budapest, Hungary



  • Spinoza Restaurant


There are not many Mexican restaurants in Budapest, but they are quite good.


  • Arany Kaviar Restaurant
  • The Imperator Restaurant


  • Pata Negra Restaurant

updated: May, 2012

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