Onyx or Costes Restaurant?

If you want to splurge in a Michelin starred restaurant in Budapest, Hungary, you have two options currently.

Costes Etterem Budapest

Costes Restaurant Budapest

Either dining in Costes Restaurant Budapest, the first Michelin starred in Hungary and the second Michelin star in Eastern Europe, or visiting Onyx Restaurant Budapest, which got its Michelin star in 2011. (Dinner) Booking is essential in both restaurants (and let them know in advance if you need a parking space as it is a bit tricky at both restaurants).

The cuisine of Onyx Restaurant is more local, while the cuisine of Costes Restaurant is more international.

Here are some objective aspects of the two luxurious culinary establishments that may help you in your choice:

Smoking or Non-smoking Restaurant

Probably the easiest factor is tobacco. Onyx Restaurant is absolutely non-smoking, while Costes restaurant has a smoking and a non-smoking section. and Costes Etterem is also a non-smoking restaurant since 1st January 2012.

Location of Budapest Michelin Restaurants

Another factor to make your Michelin restaurant choice easier is the locations. Onyx Restaurant is on Vorosmarty square in District V (close to most 5 star hotels in Budapest, as well as several attractions like the Chain Bridge or Vaci utca shopping street). This location guarantees Onyx to be easily found in the city centre of Budapest. Costes Restaurant on the other hand is by the Liberty Bridge and the Central Market Hall, about 20 min walk from the city centre (Onyx Restaurant is about 5 min walk from Deak square, the city centre where all metro lines meet). If you are splurging on your accommodation in one of the luxury hotels in Budapest, you may as well try both restaurants to test them for their merits.

Opening hours of Budapest Michelin Restaurants

Both Michelin starred restaurants are closed on Mondays. On Tuesdays you can visit Onyx Restaurant, but not Costes. However, as Onyx Etterem is closed on Sundays, your only Michelin star restaurant choice on a Sunday in Budapest is Costes Etterem.

Costes Restaurant is open until midnight (the kitchen closes as 11 pm), while Onyx Restaurant closes at 11 pm.

Further, Onyx Restaurant offers lunches on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. In contrast, Costes is only open for dinner time, no lunches at all.

Prices of Budapest Michelin Restaurants

Onyx Etterem Budapest

Onyx Restaurant Budapest

The average prices of the Michelin starred restaurants seem to differ. Costes a la carte prices range between  13,200HUF – 16,200HUF, while Onyx Restaurant prices hover around 9,600HUF – 13,500HUF.  The menu must be quite different though (and both changing with the seasons).

See the comment from Costes on prices below, in the comment section.

Specialities (according to the Michelin Restaurant Guide):

  • Costes Restaurant: Roasted quail stuffed with duck liver, baby spinach and cauliflower purée. Fillet of John Dory with zucchini, Taggiasca olives and lemon panisses. Dessert plate.
  • Onyx Restaurant: Goat’s cheese ravioli, baked tomato and basil oil. Fillet, knuckle and leg of veal with celery purée. Somló sponge cake.

Atmosphere, Dress Code at the Michelin Star Restaurants

Lastly, the dress code of Onyx Restaurant is more formal, and the atmosphere is more elegant. Costes is more relaxed and casual in both its atmosphere and its restaurant dress code.

Last update: September, 2012

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