Costes Restaurant Budapest

Costes Restaurant in Budapest made history in Hungary as the first restaurant awarded with a star by the Michelin guide, the world famous restaurant guide of the highest prestige.

Costes Restaurant Budapest - Michelin star

Costes Restaurant Budapest – Michelin star

According to Via Michelin guide, Costes Restaurant is “sophisticated, tastefully furnished restaurant epitomised by clothed tables, quality glassware and formal service. Accomplished cooking of excellent ingredients: classic combinations are interpreted in an innovative style, with precise technique and clear flavours.”

Tourists who went to Costes also rave about it: “We have been to many of the starred restaurants, but this was one of the best. The food was exceptional, which we expected. What surprised us was the warmth of the service personnel. Absolutely zero attitude. […] It was such a delightful experience –and a good value for the price” (tourist review on TripAdvisor)

Anyway, Costes Etterem got its 1 Michelin star in March 2010 (the other restaurant rated with a Michelin star in Hungary is Onyx Restaurant) – at a time when there was only 1 more restaurant in the former Soviet block countries (i.e. Eastern Europe) that made it into Michelin (Allegro Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel of the Czechs in Prague). After the iron curtain fell, the culinary scene of Eastern Europe was dilapidated, the old golden glories before WW2 were ruined and rusted, so it took more than 20 years for the ex Soviet satellite countries to get back on their feet again. And Costes did it.

Their philosophy / motto is “In matters of cuisine there are no principles just only one, to give satisfaction to the people we serve.” Antonin Carême (1784 – 1833)

Wine Fridge at Costes Restaurant Budapest, Hungary

Wine Fridge at Costes Restaurant Budapest, Hungary

Interior and Decor of Costes Restaurant Budapest
“Costes Restaurant is nicely decorated in a rather modern style, a bar like feeling with warm tone, that still maintains elegance and prestige. The restaurant may seem tiny at the first glance, however, it should comfortably hold more than 40 guests. But reservation is still recommended to avoid disappointment. I found that the service at Costes is really lovely: staffs are not just helpful but have senses of humour.” (tourist review on Costes Restaurant – Deadly Bunny & Chubby Penguin food blog). And as a Danish tourist review put it “Very modern room, but not in any way cold. Warm modern interiour. Very elegant but still relaxed atmosphere.”

Cuisine of Costes Restaurant Budapest
The specialities, according to the Michelin guide are as follows: Roasted quail stuffed with duck liver, baby spinach and cauliflower purée. Fillet of John Dory with zucchini, Taggiasca olives and lemon panisses. Dessert plate.

“The food at Costes is very good and I would highly recommend their tasters menu (vegetarian or standard). Both consist of 8 (if I remember correctly) small dishes, and 6 wines matched to suit. […] The dishes were all fun and enjoyable, although a little over-reliant on “foams” of different sorts.” (tourist review on TripAdvisor) And to quote 4 other guest reviews “The food was lovely and beautifically presented. They offered us lots of complimentaries to try from drinks to desserts – which was a lovely surprise.” (tourist from the UK) “Desserts won some points, first the pré dessert, really stellar and beautiful, then the dramatic Chocolate poire belle hélène ‘revisited.’ ” (French tourist) “Here’s afresh take on Hungarian classics such as goose liver, without the vast number of calories Hungarian food often involves. From the opening amuse-gueules to the excellent selection of desserts everyting is the highest quality. A well chosen wine list featuring the best Hungarian vineyards. The tasting menu is well-balanced and good value,” (tourist from the UK), “Top notch. Innovative and tasty. Excellent service. I must admit I was not thinking that Costes would be anywhere near as good as it was. All the courses were fantastic with excellent innovation. I look forward toany opportunity to eat there again. It may be the least expensive meal of it quality I have had… ever.” (tourist from the US)

Wines and Spirits

There are about 320 wines, so Costes is offering not only the best artisan wineries of the Hungarian wine regions, but also rarities from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria and ‘America’ (as they refer to it). “Wine by the glass: avoid the one called napbor And go for the Somloi, as the former tastes like…bubblegum!” (tourist review on Costes – TripAdvisor)

Costes Étterem Budapest - Michelin star

Costes Restaurant Budapest – Michelin star

Opening hours: (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Wed – Sun 6:30 pm – 12 am (midnight) (for lunch time, the restaurant is only open for groups)

(closed for 2 weeks in January and August)

Prices: of course for an everyday dinner you would say Costes is expensive. But it is excellent quality, and great value for money in a ‘Michelin context’: 4 course tasting courses for dinners from €110, including 3 courses and 1 dessert.  And of course you can choose from the full a la carte  menu (€15 – €38). A service charge of 12% is automatically added to the bill. If you are price-sensitive, you may take the advice of a French tourist “Our advice: Save your forints and eat at Kogart for half the price and order more wine….”

Table reservation (parties of over 6 need to arrange their choice of meals in advance): online table reservation needs to be confirmed. You can reserve a table here.

Dress code: smart, business

Address: Raday street 4. Budapest H-1092
Location of Costes Restaurant Budapest

See the location of Costes Restaurant on Budapest Tourist Map:

Costes Restaurant (Michelin star 1) on Budapest Tourist Map

Costes Restaurant (Michelin star 1) on Budapest Tourist Map


Parking: you will need to contact the restaurant in advance for a free parking space in Hotel IBIS (next to Costes Restaurant). It is also recommended as construction works at the nearby metro (Kalvin ter metro station) may interfere with navigation.

Some of the cons mentioned by restaurant guests are: parking by car is a bit difficult (but it is true of the city centre of Budapest in general), and that the restaurant is slightly away from the city centre (which practically means that it is about 5-10 minutes from Deak square by the M3 (blue) metro line).


the guy who owns the restaurant, Karoly Gerendai, is the festival manager (and founder) of many Hungarian festivals (including the world famous Sziget Festival Budapest).

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