Michelin Chef Inspiration – Costes Restaurant Diary

Michelin Chef Inspiration – Costes Restaurant Diary

Miguel Rocha Vieira, the Portuguese chef of the Michelin star Costes Restaurant in Budapest shares where he gets his inspiration from. Any guess?

To quote from the diary of Costes Etterem Budapest:

Miguel Rocha Vieira

Miguel Rocha Vieira (photo diningguide.hu)

When talking about my profession, one of the questions people always seem to do is where do I get my inspiration from. Let me try to give you the answer to that one. There isn’t a simple formula or method. Inspiration comes from everywhere, everyone and everything. Sometimes when less expected “bum” a brilliant idea comes to mind just out of the box. To me, inspiration comes from travelling and other cultures, from local markets, from the seasons of the year and their ingredients, from the nature, from books and music, from fellow Chefs, in the middle of a busy service, when trying to sleep at night, from an infinity of things… As you can see, sometimes things are easier than they look. Hope I could help, even if only a little, to answer to that question that everybody seems to do.


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