Il Terzo Cerchio: Divine Italian Restaurant in Budapest

The Italian Ristorante Il Terzo Cerchio in Budapest is a divine Italian Restaurant in two senses: one for its food, which is the most important, and the other for its name, which means ‘The Third Circle‘ referring to the 3rd circle of Hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy, where Cerberus guards the gluttons. So beware falling into the trap of gluttony here! 🙂

Il Terzo Cerchio Italian Restaurant in Budapest Dohany utca

Il Terzo Cerchio Italian Restaurant in Budapest Dohany utca

While the gluttons in Dante’s epic poem (or the thriller Seventh based on it) are forced to lie in slush made by freezing rain, black snow & hail, you will be treated heavenly in this fine Italian restaurant located in inner Budapest, in fact the old Jewish district.

“Time goes by quickly in Terzo, because it’s ideally suited for large, loud groups and not intimate discussions. On a regular weekday evening the huge, almost hollow place fills up quickly with Italians and locals having a great time at large, sometimes 10-12 seater tables. There is a good buzz about the place that is kept up by the ever watchful eyes of the Italian owners – always there to greet guests, help out where possible and just to be there at all times. Pizza is one of the best Budapest has to offer with a definite smoky taste due to the wood-fired brick oven it is made in.” (Steel on Food Police culinary blog)

The design is like a cobblestoned street under the ground, simple wooden tables and chairs, bare brick walls, and large gatherings make it a lively place.

Address: Dohány utca 40, 1072 Budapest
Phone: 00-36-1-354-0788
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12pm – 23:30
Getting here:

  • metro (red line) Astoria station
  • trams/ streetcars: 47 or 49
  • buses: number 7 (green not red), or 78

See the location of Il Terzo Cerchio Restaurant on the Budapest Tourist Map (check the knife and fork map icon in the middle, and click on the icons to learn more about the neighboring places of interest or click on the View Larger Map blue link under the map). Notice that Il Terzo Cerchio Restaurant is very close to the old Jewish district and just a few steps from the Great Synagogue (Moorish-Byzantine neolog synagogue), as well as the beautiful Urania Film Theater (Uránia Mozi) or the opulent Cafe New York in New York Palace Boscolo Hotel.

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