Gluten Free Foods, Meals, Restaurants in Budapest, Hungary

Gluten Free Foods, Meals, Restaurants in Budapest, Hungary

How to Find Gluten Free Products and Places in Budapest?

When you go on holiday it is certainly not easy to keep you usual gluten free diet. Although Budapest is a big city of about 2 million people, and hundreds of restaurants, there are very few places where you can find specifically gluten free menus or well educated staff who could help you choose gluten free meals.

Some of the few restaurants who have special menus and meals to help guests with food intolerance including gluten sensitivity are listed below. Mind you, several restaurants have Hungarian only websites, but you can contact them on the phone if you have any questions.

Restaurants with Gluten Free Menus – Gluten Free Budapest

Gluten Free Meals at Etna Restaurant Budapest

Gluten Free Meals at Etna Restaurant Budapest

Etna Etterem is a – primarily pizza – restaurant where you can order gluten free pizzas, meals and dessets. Etna restaurant is close to the city centre of Budapest, in the 8th district, by Keleti train station. Address: Baross tér 10. (Baross square at Keleti metro station), Budapest. There is another Etna Etterem (it is sort of a mini chain restaurant) in the 2nd district, off the touristy areas (address:  Gábor �?ron út 74-78., 2nd district Budapest)

Kolos Kantin is a cozy take away restaurant in the very city centre of Budapest 5th district, close to Deak ter where all metro lines meet. By default Kolos Kantinis a standard restaurant but they will make all meals with gluten free pasta at your request for a surcharge (and approx. 2o min extra waiting). The opening hours of the restaurant is very short from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays, closed on weekends.

Due Fratelli Restaurant in the 2nd district of Budapest, close to Moszkva tér (renamed as Széll Kálmán square). Due Fratelli has a list of gluten free pasta meals. Address: Erőd u. 9., Budapest

Pata Negra Tapas Bar & Restaurant is a standard restaurant with a wide range of gluten free(GM) meals on the menu. Pata Negra has a restaurant on the Buda and another one on the Pest side of Budapest. The address of Pata Negra Pest side restaurant is Kálvin tér 8. (close to the Grand Market Hall or ‘Vasarcsarnok’), on the M3 blue metro line (Kalvin ter metro station), and the address of Pata Negra Buda sideetterem is Frankel Leó út 55., not far from Margaret Bridge (and Margitsziget / Margaret Island).

Svabhegyi Vendeglo is a nice restaurant in the green and hilly 12th district of Budapest on the Buda side. The gluten free meals at Svabhegyi Vendeglo have a special ‘glm’ code on the menu. Address: Költõ u. 30. (Kolto street), Budapest H-1121

Free From Finom Gluten Free Snack Bar, Budapest

Free From Finom Gluten Free Snack Bar, Budapest

Gluten free snacks – Gluten Free Budapest

You can grab gluten free snacks, hamburgers, sandwiches, etc. at the Free From Finom Snack Bars in Budapest. Free From Finom is opening up more and more places. There is one eatery in each of the biggest city central shopping malls: one in Westend City Centre at Nyugati Train Station (M3 blue metro line, Nyugati metro station), and one on the 1st floor of Mammut Shopping Mall (close to the Buda Castle on the Castle Hill on the Buda side of Budapest). There is another Free From Finom Bar in Arena Plaza by Keleti Train Station.

Sweets, Desserts – Gluten Free Budapest

TAC Confectionary is not a restaurant, but they sell gluten free sandwiches, desserts, fresh bakery products, and in general all sorts of gluten free products. Basically TAC Budapest (Taplalek Allergia Centrum) started off as a shop and then expanded into a confectionary. Address: Vág u. 5. (Vag street), Budapest 13th district

�?lomsüti Confectionary specializes in gluten and sugar free desserts, cakes, biscuits and more for those who have sweet tooth. Alomsuti Confectionary is in the 13th district of Budapest, the address is Balzac utca 27., Budapest 13th district.

Csillagfeny Teazo is a nice and calm place to drink teas and have some gluten free desserts. Address: Wesselényi u. 21., 7th district of Budapest city centre (in the old Jewish Quarter).

Home Delivery – Gluten Free Budapest

  • Online Pizza – Gluten free pizzas in Budapest: Etna Restaurant sells gluten free pizzas (of 32 cm diameter) online. The list of pizzas is here. They take orders between 11 am and 10:45 pm.
  • Repeta Menü Restaurant Budapest – special ‘sensitive meals’ on their menu (indicated by the word ‘sensitive’)
  • Body Food Restaurant Budapest – minimum 1o day menus

Finally, a funnily retro advertisement (in Hungarian) showing the interior, etc. of Csillagfeny Teazo (tea house):

The above list has been based on the recommendations of a Gluten Free Lifestyle magazine in Hungary:


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