Budapest Restaurants By Price

Some tourists wish to have the best of the best in Budapest, while others are happy to save some money and find great budget places. So let’s see some of the restaurants in Budapest grouped according to price: the best restaurants in the luxury and in the cheap categories too.

Budapest restaurants by price

Luxury Restaurants in Budapest

Arany Kaviar Restaurant

Arany Kaviar Restaurant

The luxurious restaurants in Budapest are not only posh in their interior, but also use the best quality raw materials, refined cutlery and crockery, experienced waiting staff, and highly skilled chefs who have been trained by the top chefs in Europe or Asia and hued their skills in Michelin starred restaurants or other exquisite luxury culinary establishments. Some of the best restaurants in Budapest that offer high end, fine dining in Budapest Hungary are as follows:

There are further restaurants in the city that represent the ‘fine dining Budapest’
  • New York Salon fine dining restaurant (in the historical and lushly gilded New York Cafe – Boscolo Hotel by Blaha Square),
  • Tigris Restaurant international fine dining (in the heart of the city, close the Chain Bridge),
  • Muzeum Restaurant Hungarian fine dining (‘old world charm’ sort of fine dining by Astoria Square and the Hungarian National Museum),
  • La Plaza Spanish Restaurant (in the  Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest on Szabadsag Square, downtown Budapest, close to the Hungarian Parliament)
  • Babel Delicate Restaurant international fine dining (soon to reopen on Marcius 15 Square by the Elisabeth Bridge, downtown Budapest),
  • Halaszbastya Restaurant international fine dining with the most stunning panoramic views you can wish for in Budapest (on and in the Fisherman’s Bastion),
  • Taj Mahal Restaurant is fine dining in an Indian sense (located by the Nyugati Train Station in a not so impressive neighbourhood).

Cheap Restaurants in Budapest

Kiskakukk Restaurant

Kiskakukk Restaurant

There are many cheap and affordable restaurants in Budapest, and if you really want to get cheap foods, you can find great eateries, Hungarian self service restaurants, international fast food places to eat, cafes, bistros and buffets, nice street foods. This is our Budapest Budget Restaurant Map where you can find classic restaurants with cheap lunch menus, very cheap eateries (étkezde), etc. Now some of the restaurants, cafes and bistros in the city centre of Budapest, from our collection:

  • Tukory Restaurant (HU)
  • Castro Bistro
  • Cafe Spazio Manuel
  • Kiskakukk Restaurant (HU)
  • Hunyadi Kisvendeglo (HU)
  • Menza Restaurant
  • Ruben Restaurant
  • Halkakas Restaurant
  • Cafe Bali
  • Apacuka Bistro
  • Cafe Jedermann
  • Napos Oldal Restaurant (Veg)
  • Edeni Vegan Restaurant (Veg)

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