Italian Restaurants in Budapest

Budapest has lots of really nice and pleasant Italian restaurants as most locals love Italian cuisine, and the atmosphere of Italian restaurants. There are loads of them in fact, so we only picked a handful of the Italian places to eat, which we tested and tried, and read really good reviews about on Budapest travel forums and tourist sites.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the foods and the service at any of the following Italian places to eat:

Trattoria Toscana Restaurant Budapest

Trattoria Toscana Restaurant Budapest

  • Il Terzo Cerchio Italian Restaurant: will you feel that you are in the third ringod Dante’s Hell as the name suggests? Find out, we think you will feel in being gastro heaven. The big windows and spacious rooms are a plus.
  • Comme Chez Soi Italian Restaurant (despite what the name suggests it is an Italian restaurant)
  • Osteria Fausto’s Ristorante: a nice and informal place to enjoy Italian meals, ideal for a light lunch or dinner. Various Italian wines of the best Italian wine regions.
  • Pomo D’Oro Italian Restaurant
  • Ristorante Krizia: where traditional Italian cuisine gets creative
  • Taverna Pomo d’Oro Restaurant
  • Trattoria Toscana Restaurant: Tuscan meals and gastronomy. Not cheap but definitely high quality Italian foods and drinks in Budapest.

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