Greek Restaurants in Budapest

Greek cuisine is getting more and more popular amongst Hungarian locals in Budapest, and some of the Greek restaurants are really great places to eat, and enjoy life.

Here is our shortlisted best of Greek Restaurants in Budapest:

Taverna Dionysos

Terrace of Taverna Dionysos Budapest

Terrace of Taverna Dionysos Budapest

You cannot blame us for not shortlisting enough. The truth is that if you want to eat really good Greek food in Budapest, you only need to go to the city centre (District V), and get near the river Danube, on Belgrad rakpart street.

When you have had enough of the yummy but stodgy Hungarian dishes, you can give your stomach a bit of a rest with the healthy Greek foods. The terrace is small, but has nice views over the Buda Castle Royal Palace on the Castle Hill of Budapest, the Citadel on Gellert Hill, the Elisabeth Bridge, etc. Good food, good value for money, great atmosphere. You can check the prices of their Greek menu on the official site (given in Euros too).