German Restaurants

German Restaurants in Budapest

Where can you eat German foods, goose legs, Weisswurst with honey mustard, frankfurters with sauerkraut, pork knuckles, etc. in Budapest and enjoy the lively mood of German restaurants and breweries?

Haxen Kiraly German Restaurant, Budapest

Haxen Kiraly German Restaurant, Budapest

Haxen Kiraly Restaurant, Budapest

One of the best German restaurants in Budapest is probably the Bavarian Haxen Kiraly Restaurant in Kiraly street, not far from the old Jewish district of Budapest (6th district or as seen on maps District VI). In addition to the German specialties you can enjoy Hungarian dishes too. Portions are usually large – good value for money.

Paulaner Brauhaus Restaurant, Budapest

The Paulaner Brauhaus Etterem is quite off the usual tourist track, in one of the shopping malls on the Buda side (in MOM Park). But who can say ‘no’ to a restaurant where Paulaner is abundant? And you can see huge copper Paulaner breweries too? There is indeed a good selection of Paulaner beers on draught, ranging from light lagers to amber ales, pilsners, etc. Try the wheat beer with lemon: Weissbier is especially nice on hot summer days.

Bavarian Corner Pub (Bajor Sarok Sorozo)

Bajor Sarok Söröző has a true Bavarian pub atmosphere with nice German and Hungarian meals as well as international dishes. The pub / restaurant has a stube style seating arrangements and very reasonable prices. The Hungarian specialty, Goulash is served in a big bowl, a la cauldron.

Last updated: May, 2012