Argentine Restaurants in Budapest

Are you seeking to try some delicious Argentine cuisine in Budapest, Hungary? Luckily, this wonderful cosmopolitan place is full of all sorts of restaurants, bars and bistros, from Italian to Chinese to more special cuisines like Argentine. There is in fact one such place in Budapest, which makes it easier to pick your place.

Argentine restaurants in Budapest

Pampas Argentine Restaurant

Pampas Steakhouse Restaurant - Budapest Restaurant Guide

Pampas Steakhouse Restaurant – Budapest Restaurant Guide

Pampas is an Argentine steakhouse in Budapest, close to the Central Market Hall by the Liberty Bridge spanning over the river Danube.

While some guests found the steak average at Pampas Steakhouse and Restaurant Budapest, most guests at the Argentine culinary establishment were raving about the steaks, the service, the atmosphere, etc.

The Argentine restaurant has been really rated well, 4 out of the max 5, and the good news is that the food came out as the best rated (service, value and atmosphere were also good, of course)

Now the Pampas is not the only place to eat steaks in Budapest, watch out for the “Hungarian” Steak Restaurants in Budapest: Prime Restaurant in Sas Street, and the American style steak place, the pricey Knrdy Restaurant – both in downtown Budapest (Oktober 6 Street) are getting very good reviews for a great mouthwatering steak. USDA Prime, Australian Wagyu, Argentine ribeyes are awaiting you.

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