Budapest Wine Shopping: Bock Bistro (Bock Bisztró)

Bock Bistro (Bock Bisztró) Wine Shop & Restaurant: József Bock is one of the most popular and respected Hungarian wine-maker. It’s his Wine Bistro at retail prices (you can get a full bottle of wine from 3600 HUF and up)! The Wine Bistro offers more than 200 wines with the motto: ‘Nobody’s gone bankrupt by pleasing customers.’

But Bock Bistro is more than a wine shop, big blackboards let you know about the nice dishes on offer with award-winning wines here (average main course at about 3500 HUF), for instance, slow-braised goose-leg, lamb knuckle, veal stew, roast piglet, grilled pike fillets, tapas, soups, desserts, etc. I think the Four cheeses with four fruit spreads sounds great for a short wine visit too (at about 1600 HUF), and there are other savory snacks like olives marinated in herbs, or ball pepper stuffed with boursen cheese. Besides wines, you can also have stronger spirits, including the Hungarian herb spirit Unicum, or the artistically famous Absinth. For alcohol-free options, there are home-made elderberry or raspberry drinks, among others.

Bock Bistro in Budapest featuring Bock Villány wines made by József Bock from Hungary

Bock Bistro in Budapest featuring Bock Villány wines made by József Bock from Hungary

The style is French, the dishes and wines are Hungarian – book in advance, as the place, handpicked one of the best restaurants in Hungary, is often full.

Address: Erzsébet körút 43-49.
Phone: 00-36-1-321 0340
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12am – 11 pm (closed on Hungarian public holidays)

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But let’s see what Steel at the FoodPolice blog wrote on Bock Bistro (vegetarians please skip this horror, meat lovers enjoy this enthusiasm):

A short post to inform all of you out there that there is a contender to the throne of top Hungarian restaurant in the city. Strange as it may seem it comes in the form of a “French-style bistro”. It also comes signed by our famous winemaker Mr. Bock or Boxi as he is affectionately known by his friends. …. I know it’s about 40 degrees outside, but it’s cool in here, I also know that I’m supposed to be on a diet, I also know that you only eat székely káposzta [my note: like meat stewed in sour cabbage and topped with sour cream ] at midnight at weddings, but I can’t resist. I wash down another half a bottle of Bisztro Cuveé and wait for what comes. And it’s worth the wait for everybody! My cabbage has a delicious, rich consistency with juicy pieces of meat from a veal paprikas inside and a wiggly-jiggly boiled, cooked grandiose piece of knuckle placed on the side. 10 000 calories just by the looks of it. 20 minutes later it’s disappeared off my plate and the sauce of the cabbage wiped out completely with white bread. The others also rave about their lamb dishes.